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Design & Elegance
The unique style of Lumibook, decorated with real wood, makes it a beautiful piece for your home decoration.

Turn it on and off seamlessly by opening and closing the book.

Convenient and ergonomic
Forget cables! Just open your Lumibook and enjoy 8 hours of light in full autonomy, 100% wireless. With its long term LED modules you are assured of optimal light quality, both at home and outdoors.

Lumibook is a wireless book lamp in the shape of a book, with a sturdy cover of real wood. It opens up to 360 degrees and you can charge it effortlessly using a simple USB cable.

8-hour battery life: USB rechargeable (USB cable included)
Light & mobile: Take your wireless book anywhere you go
Materials. Real wood and non tearable DuPont paper: Real wood and non tearable DuPont paper

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